Containers for sale

Buying & Selling a Shipping Container

Where to buy a shipping container? The question that interests many companies’ representatives involved in logistics and load and materials transportation. In the meantime, the greatest challenge is not about finding a container, if speaking about a standard-sized module, but about establishing reliable partner relations with container owners worldwide.

Buying a shipping container of any size and type is a serious decision that requires significant expenses. Therefore, it should be made with all the responsibility. Companies sell various containers: new and used, dry cargo and refrigerated, as well as tank containers. It is possible to get a transportation module at affordable price on the website.

Containers by international producers are placed on Containers.Guide. To buy a suitable metal container, you just need to pick an option and apply for it, after registering on the platform. To sell a shipping container, it is necessary to go through registration and publish an ad with specifying the details of a module.

Containers.Guide is not directly involved in the deals between an owner and a buyer of a container, but it guarantees the validity of the given information. The thing is that after being registered, every platform user is properly checked.