About Us

Containers.Guide is an international centre of shipping container e-commerce that allows companies and individuals to place information about containers and offered services. Thereby, visitors from all over the world can find these containers and services and purchase them. The actual contract of sale is concluded between sellers and buyers, while we only connect them on one website.

Containers.Guide allows users to search, buy and sell containers in any part of the world, overcoming the language barrier. We started with the Russian version of the website, but are already working on the launch of the English one. Besides, a huge marketing campaign will be arranged in order to attract the international participants. That means that the borders between the participants of the container market will be blurred, and everyone will be able to choose the necessary container in any part of the world.

We also took care of your security. Every participant will be carefully checked: the stated and actual availability of containers will be compared. The intruded rating system will help in finding the best of the best.

Bonus for new members

Everyone registered today will get a free expanded access till October 31, 2019. That's what will be available to you:

  • unlimited platform surfing;
  • unlimited posting;
  • opportunity to post offers;
  • opportunity to view the contacts of other participants;
  • opportunity to make deals and feedback.

What to start with?

First of all, we offer you to get acquainted with the basics:

  • Demo tour
  • Why to use Containers.Guide?
  • In which countries does Containers.Guide work?
  • Shipping Containers Types and Sizes
  • Registration (Sign Up)

Demo via Skype

We have free education and Skype consultancy with screen demonstration for all registered users. You will see Containers.Guide in action ad get answers to all of your questions.

Our Roadmap

III quarter 2019
English version of the website. Launch of the new sections: Containers terminals, Transportation services, Related goods and services.

IV quarter 2019
Introduction of the maps and routes on the maps. Launch of the communication section for participants and the functional of adding news and articles by the participants. Notification system considering new containers, transportation.

I quarter 2020
Tracking containers online: the location, the owner. Immediate upload of containers from the internal/ corporate systems of the participants to the website Containers.Guide.

II quarter 2020
Arbitration of deals: dispute resolution. Electronic workflow on the platform.

III quarter 2020
Organization of the official tenders.

IV quarter 2020
API for reverse interaction with the website Containers.Guide.

I quarter 2021
API for registering a BIC-owner of a container. API-interface for connecting to the ISO-classification of containers.

Great result, and we are not plannig to stop our development.