Shipping Containers: 10 business ideas (part 1)

Various-sized containers are primarily used for transporting cargo by different means of transport. Steel constructions withstand huge mechanical load and assume being placed one over another one. Lasting containers have standard sizes and a complex of bracing to simplify loading, unloading and transportation of containers. Unique characteristics allow use containers in logistics and construction. Modules are re-built into houses and business offices.

Below you will find the most creative ideas of utilizing shipping containers for business ventures. Practical, functional and durable constructions are compact, mobile and stylish.

Household premises

Organizing work activities in the “field” conditions assumes creating a lounge area. Building, agricultural or engineering works usually take a lot of time, and workers have to stay on the unequipped platforms. To feel comfortable it is possible to arrange a well-arranged cabin made of a shipping container. It allows staying warm in winter and maintain an ideal micro climate in summer. Such module can be modernized, restored and moved to another site.

Craft studio

Mobility is the main advantage of a workshop studio built of a shipping container. All necessary equipment is set inside. The complexes include instruments and materials that one might need. To feel comfortable, doors and windows are cut off container’s walls. These studios are placed in the most profitable areas. Carpentry work, shoe and clothes restoration and other services can be organized with the help of such a movable studio.


Movable lab is an ideal solution to organize a research centre. Engineers can examine templates, have experiments and make reports right at the spot. Fast and accurate results enable high productivity and proper reaction to any changes. These labs are easy to move quickly from one project to another.


Shipping containers are safe from an unauthorized entry. There is no need to restore modules: their steel swing gates are equipped with a secure locking system. Wide doors are easy to open for loading and unloading cargo. Sealed boxes are usually placed in some industrial, construction or trade sites. They can stay on each other to occupy space effectively.

Industrial premises

Renting or purchasing a special premise for work is expensive. Instead, some businessmen have already acquired shipping containers to transform them into working spaces. Comfortable and spacious modules are a good alternative to a real office building. They are compact, movable and possess all necessities. You can easily install heating, conditioners, ventilation for air circulation.


Shipping containers can stay as separate shops or be parts of great department stores. To attract customers, designers advice adding panorama windows and bright inside illumination. Usually containers are placed in some unusual ways, which make shops look special and extraordinary. 


Sports halls are not in every region or town. Thus, to organize a fitness centre, consider purchasing a shipping container. You can leave it in various area. It is easy to equip. Panorama windows will attract customers and provide additional light to the space. Containers are safely locked, protecting sports equipment and other material valuables.


It is popular to organize public catering ventures in former shipping containers. Durable modules are put together to create a canteen with a kitchen, a warehouse, hygiene rooms and spacious dining halls. The size of such a place is determined by the number of approximate employees and visitors. To create a stylish and functional catering area, it is advisable to use a help of a pro designer.

Hygiene rooms

Shipping containers are the right material for building dressing rooms and toilets. Inner part of the module is sheathed with water resistant panels or ceramic piles. Doors, windows, necessary equipment – everything is added to provide the most comfort. Constructors also add ventilation, conditioning systems and provide heating.


Brightly adorned bars out of shipping containers attract a lot of attention. Well-decorated halls raise interest and desire to stay longer in the far. Such a venue will stay in people’s mind for long, so take advantage of using shipping containers for construction purposes.