Shipping container architecture

Cargotecture is a special term that means building from shipping containers. Modern and perspective industry is actively developing in Europe and the USA. Various cottages, hotels, showrooms, offices, restaurants, even moveable labs and studios are made out of containers. Affordable price of blocks opens unlimited opportunities for building multi-layered complex of different functioning.

Shipping container architecture also grabs attention of Russian house owners and businessmen. What’s so advantages of this architecture to huge companies and private clients?

Advantages of building from shipping containers

Standard modules of diverse sizes are designed to endure high loads during transportation. Steel boxes are easy to move by any means of vehicles. Building from containers is a creative process that opens a whole new area for architects. Constructions are easy to re-equip, join, place at different angles, playing with blocks as a child with Lego. Architects and designers offer classical and completely incredible projects that meet all demands of clients. Among the pros of cargotecture are: 

  • strength and durability of constructions,
  • fast construction process,
  • opportunity to build up on an unprepared site,
  • perfect thermal and sound insulation,
  • esthetics and eco-friendliness of projects,
  • affordable price of modules.

A small cottage or a shop made of a shipping container is easy to displace, rebuild and modernize up to personal taste. Saved money can be spent on exclusive design interior of such a building. Insulated containers with panorama windows, balconies and verandas create comfortable conditions in every climate zone. It’s also possible to equip constructions with automatic sources of energy in order to utilize them far from civilization.

Building from containers

Construction of one-floor buildings of shipping containers does not require special skills and knowledge. Small houses, warehouses, saunas or shops are often designed by their owners. However, to build a multistory construction it’s necessary to ask for professional help. Experts will measure the right load and make sure all the industrial norms are fulfilled. Houses built from containers always look stylish and stay fine for a long period of time, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Consider purchasing a container for building or other needs.