Shipping containers from China

Developing relations between Russia and China stimulate the demand on shipping containers. Universal modules enable the safety of cargo and provide an opportunity to use various means of transport without repacking the load. Efficiency and affordable pricing of container delivery from China to Russia raise interest among large corporations and SMEs that realize the delivery of materials and products to the local market or export commodities. The most popular means of shipping cargo from China to Russia and back are sea and railway.

Features of sea routes

Containers from China are delivered towards three directions:

  • Saint-Petersburg
  • Far East
  • The Black Sea

Sea logistics from China is well established and systematized. Carriers implement regular trips along the defined routes and guarantee following all the deadlines.

A price of delivery 40 or 20-foot containers depends on a distance between ports. Cargo transportation period from Shanghai to Vladivostok takes about 5-6 days, to a port in the Black Sea – 25 days, to a Saint Petersburg terminal – 45 days.

A type and a size of a shipping module are chosen according to the load it is going to have. It is cheaper to transport a 20 or 40-foot container by sea, rather than by air, automobile or railway. Many suppliers use multi-module transportation, i.e. involve several vehicles to deliver freight to a warehouse.

Buying a shipping container

Purchasing a container from China is fast and cheap. A customer can learn the price, evaluate the quality of a transportation module and get all necessary information on Containers.Guide platform. There you will find a reliable partner. Some registered participants maintain partnership with large local and international transportation companies, actual producers of standard shipping containers. All units are certified. Containers.Guide is not directly involved in making deals. However, we guarantee proven information about offered modules and registered companies.